what happened to yify

Britt Malm gets hit by a car on a Stockholm street and is taken to hospital. She is badly injured and must undergo surgery. While the anesthetic takes effect she sees hallucinatory images. This turns into a flashback of what happened Britt before the accident. vermonthomeloan.info4U. vermonthomeloan.info4U. vermonthomeloan.info vermonthomeloan.infoB-YIFY. That summer they go to the Hultsfred Festival along with Brian's new girlfriend Karola. Hanna falls asleep early one night and when she wakes up everything is different between the four of them. Hanna still doesn't know what happened that night when she and Jesper return to their home in Stockholm. But one thing is for. what happened to yify But one thing is for sure, the events that took place led to many lies, and some truths. Andor Gislason Burenborg as Baby. Johannes Bah Kuhnke as Janitor. Nätmäklare Svangren as Jesper Bergdal. Olof Philipson as Tony, marius.